Rental Owners

Do you have rental property that is not performing up to its full potential? Linwood Property Management specializes in analyzing your current property management strategy to find ways to improve ROI.

We start with maintenance. An improperly maintained property will never produce the maximum income. Our network of professional contractors work with our experienced property managers to perform improvements and repairs that attract quality, long-term tenants.

The next key to our success is advertising. Approximately 25% of our new residents are relocating from out of town. We find that those relocating into the area for the first time due to a job change generally have a higher income than the median income in Vermilion County. So in addition to placing a sign in the yard, we advertise on over 20 websites to reach this segment, including the following national sites:

Zillow Real Estate Yahoo Real Estate Trulia Real Estate

AOL Real Estate



In addition, we advertise on our website, on our Facebook page, and in several local Facebook groups that are targeted toward those searching for quality rental property. For high-end rentals, we also work with our local chamber of commerce, Vermilion Advantage,  to place executives being transfered to our community.

And finally, our powerful property management software helps us stay on top of delinquent tenants to keep them in compliance with their lease. Owner payouts are made once per month and each client receives a printed monthly statement with their payout. Our website also allows you to log in and see income and expenses in real-time 24/7.

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